What We Do

We offer a range of installation and consultancy services, including:


Milk Monitoring Solutions

Without stressing the entire time about what simple, expensive, slip-up is going to happen this time? We understand the importance of quality assurance, and we’ve got the tools to raise the alarm well before a disaster occurs in your dairy.

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Water Monitoring Solutions

Water Monitoring Solutions from Tag IT Technologies are designed to allow easy upgrades so that they can grow with your needs and adapt to the challenging technical landscape.

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Effluent Monitoring Systems

HALO Effluent Monitoring Solutions from Tag IT Technologies are designed to give you control and allow easy upgrades as your circumstances suit.

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Silo Monitoring Systems

From monitoring water meters to measuring pond levels, we’ve got you covered. Our system will accurately collect all your data from around your farm and send it your mobile or the web.

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Weather Stations

HALO If you need accurate local weather information to help you make better decisions about pasture management and effluent spreading then a HALO weather station is the answer.

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Large project or small installation? We have the team and the skills to succeed!