If you need accurate local weather information to help you make better decisions about pasture management and effluent spreading then a HALO farm weather station is the answer.

We can set up single or multi site weather stations on your property that give you live, up-to-the-minute data on exactly what’s happening on your farm. Rainfall information, soil moisture levels, ambient and soil temperature information as well as wind direction and speed are all available at your finger tips.

The simple HALO Weather system starts with rainfall and soil moisture and further components can be added as your needs change. All your weather information is stored forever on our secure cloud based server and is accessible via your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

Making decisions about applying fertiliser or spreading effluent? The information available from your HALO weather station makes them easy as.

Contact us today for more information about how to add this cost effective, simple system to your farming operation.