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HALO Water Monitoring Solutions from Tag IT Technologies are designed to allow easy upgrades so that they can grow with your needs and adapt to the challenging technical landscape.

The HALO Water Monitoring solution will:

  • Monitor Conditions such as water level or flow at a local, remote, unattended or inaccessible location
  • Send Alerts to your cell-phone, smart phone or computer if a condition exceeds limits that you specify
  • Report Status directly to your cell-phone, smart phone or computer
  • On line web site and key information showing graphs and statistics for analysis
  • Control Equipment by remote command

Tag IT Technologies has products to satisfy a broad range of applications and requirements, with solutions that communicate via cellular data or broadband and report to you via your cell phone, email in box or computer browser.

All our systems will record and log information, in a secure environment, provide secure access control and notify you if an alert condition is present and more importantly you are in control of the task of reporting water use to the Regional Council.

Tag I.T Technologies can provide your solution to the telemetry requirements on farm that support your resource consent requirements. We have teamed up with resources from a number of organisations to offer a total solution and support for the telemetry equipment, water meters and consent process.

Our ten year history includes hundreds of successfully installed solutions. No matter what you need to monitor, whether at one location across the farm or at many locations around the country, we have the proven ability to put together the monitoring system that meets your expectations.

Case Study: SDH01

Case Study: RMK02

Case Study: Halo Dashboard Demo